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You ask too much of me You try my patience Your tongue, it's like a razor You choose your words like weapons Here we go, Battlestations I never have the guts to let you look inside I don't think you'd appreciate the things that I hide [Chorus] Monday was the worst day And Friday wasn't my day But Wednesday was the best day.

9. Somewhere in England. This album was released in 1981 by Harrison's "Dark Horse Records" company. This was the first album that he released after the murder of John Lennon, his former bandmate. Harrison changes some of the lyrics of his song "All Those Years Ago" to reflect on Lennon's tragic death. Ah, ha Oh, yeah (To work) Somebody told me Boy, everything she wants Is everything she sees I guess I must have loved you Because I said you were the perfect girl for me Baby And now we′re six months older And everything you want And everything you see Is out of reach, not good enough I don't know what the hell you want from me Oh (Uh-huh, uh.

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. Everything She Wants. Heartbeat. Like A Baby. Freedom. If You Were There. Credit Card Baby. Careless Whisper. album: "Music From The Edge Of Heaven" (1986).

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[Verse] Move it, move it, baby Can’t you see I’m ready to dance? And I can’t stop this rhythm in my heart Move it, move it, baby Can’t you see I’m ready to dance? Without this beat my life would....

(enjoy what you do) (from fantastic (1983)) wake me up before you go-go (from make it big (1984)) everything she wants (from make it big (1984)) part 2 of 3 00:09.

Wham! - Last Christmas (Lyrics)Wham! - Last Christmas (Official Video)Follow on Spotify - on Apple Music - http://smar.

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